About Us

Our Mission: To elevate humanity's frequency by bringing a smile to your face with our signature flower petal earrings that hold the memory of the innate light inside you.

     One morning during my meditation, I picked a Mother Earth guided flow that I have done many times before. But this time, it was different. My heart opened up so widely that I began to feel my interconnections with humanity and the planet like never before. Days later, as I rode in the car under the blue sky with my sister, I looked up, and saw the clouds as though they were two inches from my face. There was no separation between myself and everything around me.  It was then that I received a message saying that it was my duty to use my talents to do something positive for the planet and those that live here. I asked myself how I wanted to see the future, and that became my vision.

     The name Tara Earrings comes from the Tibetan deity Green Tara. She is the perfect representation of what is in all our hearts: the potential to heal, grow, and bloom. She showed me that my mission was to connect with like-hearted individuals and organizations who are doing wonderful things to help humanity. By doing so, they help to elevate the frequency of our planet and shed light on the world. We need just 1% of the population to get involved and help raise our human consciousness :)
     $1000 of our proceeds will go to the New Roots Community Farm in City Heights, San Diego. They are a local organization committed to uplifting our human family by sharing the wealth, love, abundance, and community experience through the creation of sustainable ecosystems for the well being of ourselves and our future. Learn More About New Roots >
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